Tomato ketchups, Juice and Puree, prepared under strict hygienic conditions, preserved and brought to your table tops, bringing with them the goodness and freshness of farm fresh tomatoes. 

TOMATO PUREE refers to the product obtained by vacuum concentration of Tomato juice prepared from unfermented, unacidified juice liquid obtained from crushing, sound, mature and red tomatoes"

The tomato puree possesses good colour, flavour and is manufactured under highly scientific conditions. The juice is concentrated in latest centritherm vacuum evaporator with contact time less than a second to obtain a product with natural character such as colour flavour and nutrition.

  • It is a seedless tomato pulp. It does not contain any foreign material like spices, sugar and preservatives.

  • It can be used in place of fresh tomato.

  • 200 ml. Of tomato puree = 1.5 kg. of tomatoes.

  • It is convenient to use and it becomes useful during the time of hike in tomato prices

  • It can be used for making sauces, soups, juices & cooking of many Indian and continental dishes

 Our range of Tomato Products include:



Net Contents Packing
TOMATO JUICE Tomato juice, Sugar & salt


800 ml 24 x 800

Tomato paste, water, sugar, salt, acetic acid, spices and permitted emulsifying and stabilizing agents.
Contains permitted colours Class II preservatives
500 g.,1kg. 12 x 500g, 12 x 1kg
Tomato Paste, Water & Salt
(min.T.S.S. 10% exclusive of Salt)
Contains permitted colours Class II preservatives
800 g. 24 x 800g.